rev. - Reinhold Neibuhr view of sin/pride/Adam Nature and...

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Enlightenment Key characteristics- Deism Freidrich Schleiermacher Father of modern liberal theology View of authority Role of experience The feeling of utter dependence Define the nature of Jesus in terms of God-consciousness Bible as the record of human experiences of God What is functional Christology? Elizabeth Cady Stanton Woman’s Bible View of creation story and Adam and Eve God as Mother Types of feminism from class – see handout Walter Rauschenbusch Andrew Carnegie – The Gospel of Wealth A Theology of the Social Gospel Leading exponent of social gospel, American Baptist Social view of Kingdom, salvation Sin as selfishness, profit motive View of capitalism Social Gospel: Charles Sheldon, In His Steps Know the chart on Liberalism, Neoorthodoxy, and Conservatism Karl Barth Church Dogmatics view of Bible and revelation criticism of conservatism
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Unformatted text preview: Reinhold Neibuhr view of sin/pride/Adam Nature and Destiny of Man Rudolf Bultmann demythologization of the New Testament his attack against NT cosmology, view of demons, resurrection of Jesus Martin Luther King, Jr . Letter From Birmingham Jail (nonviolence, civil disobedience; just/unjust laws; white moderate) Theological pilgrimage Pentecostalism See handout Conservatives/Fundamentalists Fundamentalism common features Princeton theologians view of Scripture, role of doctrine, inerrancy, plenary verbal inspiration, original autographs etc Relationship of Conservatives/Fundamentalists William Jennings Bryan Scopes Trial Billy Graham Harry Emerson Fosdick Document, Shall the Fundamentalists Win? Vatican I and II Infallibility of Pope John XXIII...
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rev. - Reinhold Neibuhr view of sin/pride/Adam Nature and...

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