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study guide religion - 1 REL 1350 Study Guide Materials...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 REL 1350 Study Guide Materials Basic Introductory Terms (Handout) Apostolic Fathers Definition o The generation after the New Testament era o leaders claimed to be students of Jesus disciples/apostles Connection to apostles o Apostolic fathers= students of Jesus apostles/disciples Not fathers of the apostles Definition of martyrdom o died for faith o Ultimate witness Ignatius of Antioch Use of the word catholic o coined the word catholic (universal) for the church Catholic= Roman Catholic Church Refers to: wherever the Christians are, the church is the church is spreading o b/c Christians are spreading Monarchical episcopate o Monarchical Episcopate (following 1 leader): Growing Role of the Bishop Ignatius= speaks about the importance of church leadership Bishop= episcopos (Greek) Move away from collegial leadership and prophets Collegial leadership= follow several leaders Prob: o They could say diff things about God Ignatius= lived during a time when ppl claimed diff msgs frm God o way to protect orthodoxy= move away frm collegial leadership & prophets Follow the leader Centralized leadership to fight heresy shun divisions o follow the bishop Where the bishop is, there is the church- mystical presence Emergence tied to the Eucharist; represented the faithful to God View of Eucharist o Real presence in the Eucharist (term he coins) Medicine of immortality for salvation Eucharist= the Lords Supper thanksgiving Not a symbol Jesus is really present Igantius believed that if u are a believer in Jesus, u will partake in the Eucharist View of martyrdom o Ignatius= Desired to be poured out as a libation/offering for God Ignatius said, I want to be wheat in Gods mouth o Jesus said, take up your cross & follow Me Apostolic Father 2 Perpetua Story o Died for their faith o Lived in North Africa o Perpetua= just had a baby o Perpetuas father= wanted her to come home to take care of her baby o Perpetua told her father that Christians dont compromise their faith Just like a pitcher pours water o God gives her a miracle She no longer had pain frm breast feeding o her father tried to dissuade her from being a Christian got angry left her alone Perpetua got batpzied o imprisoned unbearable heat & anxiety for her baby deacons Tertius & Pomponius= paid for them to be moved to better part of the prison asked her mother & bro to care for her son l8er granted the privilege of having her son w/ her in prison loved being @ prison o asked the Lord if she would b condemned or freed b/c her bro knew that she could ask Him allusion: bronze ladder reaching up to heaven o iron weapons= attached to the ladder if climbed ladder w/o looking upward, would b mangled by the weapons o dragon= underneath the ladder o Saturus= climbed ladder 1 st...
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study guide religion - 1 REL 1350 Study Guide Materials...

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