assign1 - farmers had to stop cultivating their fields...

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Brittany Gorrell 1/23/09 HST101-03 Assignment 1 1. The eastern and western empires differed in many different ways. The western empire was more exposed to attack by the Barbarians. The eastern empire neighbored the Persians, who were not as aggressive as the Barbarians. Secondly, the western empire had no second line of defense. Even under invasion, parts of the eastern empire still remained sealed off. The eastern empire was more populated and richer than the west, and it had better political stability. 2. Jones identifies the factors that make the eastern empire superior to the west. He implies these are the reasons why the west suffered instead of the east. 3. Jones contends that taxation was the root of the decline because
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Unformatted text preview: farmers had to stop cultivating their fields because the taxes were so high that they weren’t yielding profits. Without money and crops, the population shrunk. The government was also forced to feed hundreds of thousands of soldiers, citizens and clergy which raised the taxes even more. This was too much for the peasantry, and their population slowly sank. 4. When Rome was invaded, the higher class showed no love for their country and fled. The lower classes didn’t try any resistance movements, but usually passively surrendered. The only time they would fight is if they were given a lead, but they would fight for either side. This shows that the people of Rome definitely had a decline in public spirit....
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assign1 - farmers had to stop cultivating their fields...

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