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Brittany Gorrell HST101-03 3/14/09 The African Slave Trade and its Remedy- pg 336 1.) Buxton addresses the apology to the slave trade that states “that if there were not a market for the sale of the victims they would be put to death.” 2.) Buxton mainly outlines that the overall country of Africa was much happier and in a better condition before any Europeans/slavery came there. He goes on that aside from the human suffering of the slaves themselves there are more negative consequences for Africa- that the Slave Trade acts as a barrier and suppresses trade, knowledge, social improvement, commerce, and creates war between the tribes. 3.) According to Buxton, slavery slows down/stops the agriculture in Africa. Chiefs of tribes who deal slaves do not maintain their own plantations, but let their people find their own food. 4.) I do not think Buxton is trying to force Western standards onto Africa with his demand for abolition of slavery. He is simply showing that Africa was in a horrible condition and
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Unformatted text preview: was doing much better before the slave trade. Letter from a Former Slave- pg 341 1.) Governor James Buchanan told Malinda she must pay for all her provisions. 2.) According to Malinda, sweet potatoes cost one dollar/bushel. 3.) Malinda’s letter doesn’t use correct grammar or spelling, and this reflects that she didn’t have a formal education as a slave. 4.) Former slaves would be happy to have been sent to Liberia because they were finally free and they were back to where they (or their ancestors) had come from. They would be unhappy with Liberia for a number of reasons. For one, most would have been born in the United States, so even though Liberia was supposed to be their “home” it wasn’t really. They were taken from the only place that they knew of and were expected to live on their own without any money or jobs....
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