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Marketing 232 Exam #1 Review Sheet Chapter 1 Purpose of marketing research. Types and uses of marketing research. Applied vs basic research. Chapter 2 Which is the most important step in the research process? Why? What do research objectives provide? What is a good way to set them? What does the sample plan determine? How about the size of the sample? What about nonsampling errors? When is marketing research not needed? Chapter 3 Who is Charles Coolidge Parlin? Difference between internal and external research suppliers. Deontology vs Teleology in marketing research ethics. What is sugging and frugging? What are some examples of deception in marketing research? What are Opt-in and Opt-out standards for controlling spam? Chapter 4 When is marketing research not needed? What are marketing management problems and marketing research objectives? The role of symptoms in problem recognition. What is a good rule to follow in defining the problem?
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