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Marketing 232 Exam #2 Review Chapter 9 Definition of surveys; advantages of surveys in general Advantages of specific types of surveys: person-administered, self-administered, etc. Techniques that impact response rates Ways to reduce interviewer cheating Reasons for choice of a particular survey method Chapter 10 Be able to identify the 3 basic question-response formats Be able to recognize the definition for measurement Levels of measurement and associated scale types (know table 10.3). Why is level of measurement important? Know the different “workhorse scales” Be able to differentiate between reliability and validity Chapter 11 Be able to recognize the functions of a questionnaire. Know the importance of the questionnaire in the research process. Understand the typical question sequence, the types of questions and their functions. Be able to recognize and avoid leading, loaded, and double-barreled questions. Understand the advantages of computer-assisted design software.
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