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Exam3 review - Marketing 232 Exam#3 Review Sheet Chapter 15...

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Marketing 232 Exam #3 Review Sheet Chapter 15 Know the functions of data summarization. How is inferential analysis used? Understand and be able to calculate the three measures of central tendency. Know which measure to use when the data is nominal, ordinal, or interval/ratio. Understand measures of dispersion, particularly the standard deviation. Understand data coding and the data code book. Know the SPSS command sequence to produce answers to Case 15.3. Chapter 16 Be able to distinguish statistics from parameters. What is statistical inference? What is parameter estimation? Understand the 3 values involved with parameter estimation What happens to standard error when sample size increases? When variability increases? What is the meaning or interpretation of a confidence interval? What is hypothesis testing? Be able to calculate a confidence interval for a percentage population parameter. I will supply the formula for standard error of the percentage and for the confidence interval.
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