Chap 10 quiz a - What do you call a question-response...

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What do you call a question-response format that presents no response options to the respondent? an open-ended question Which of the following questions is closed-ended? Which would you rather have on your pizza: anchovies or olives? In questionnaire design, what is the concept of measurement? determining if and how much of a property is possessed by an object Which of the following is a construct? purchase intention The order characteristic refers to relative size or magnitude. Which of the following questionnaire items reflects the order characteristic? Please rank each of the following brands in terms of your preference. Nominal measurement scales are defined as those that use only labels; that is, they just describe something. Which of the following best illustrates a nominal-scaled item? Please indicate your gender. ___ Male ___ Female The Likert scale, which asks respondents to indicate their degree of agreement or disagreement on a symmetric agree-disagree scale for each of a series of statements, is used to measure ________. intensity
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Chap 10 quiz a - What do you call a question-response...

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