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Chapter 11-Study Information

Chapter 11-Study Information - 4 You should be able to...

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Accounting 230 Chapter 11 Study Information Horngren 13 th Ed. 1. You should be able to define each of the following terms: relevant cost/revenue, sunk cost, quantitative factors, qualitative factors, outsourcing, opportunity cost, product-mix decisions, constraint, and book value. 2. You should be able to identify relevant costs and revenues in decision situations. 3. You should be able to do an outsourcing analysis.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. You should be able to determine which product(s) to produce when there are capacity constraints. 5. You should be able to do an equipment replacement analysis. 6. You should be able to explain how conflicts can arise between the decision model used by a manager and the performance evaluation model used to evaluate the manager....
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