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Unformatted text preview: Managerial Assessment Complete your Leadership Questionnaire. Calculate your score. Diagram 9 by 9 box matrix. Plot your score… 1 Leadership Questionnaire The following items describe aspects of leadership behavior. Respond to each item according to the way you would be most likely to act if you were the leader of the work group. Circle whether you would be likely to behave in the described way… (A) Always (F) Frequently (O) Occasionally (S) Seldom (N) Never If I were the leader of a work group….. AFOSN AFOSN A FO S N AFOSN A FO S N AFOSN AFOSN AFOSN AFOSN AFOSN AFOSN AFOSN AFOSN AFOSN AFOSN AFOSN AFOSN AFOSN 1. I would most likely act as the spokesman of the group. 2. I would allow members complete freedom in their work. 3. I would encourage the use of uniform procedures. 4. I would permit the members to use their own judgment in solving problems 5. I would needle members for greater effort. 6. I would let the members do their work the way they think best. 7. I would keep the work moving at a rapid pace. 8. I would turn the members loose on a job and let them go to it. 9. I would settle conflicts when they occur in the group. 10. I would be reluctant to allow the members any freedom of action. 11. I would decide what shall be done and how it shall be done. 12. I would push for increased production. 13. I would assign group members to particular tasks. 14. I would be willing to make changes. 15. I would schedule the work to be done. 16. I would refuse to explain my actions. 17. I would persuade others that my ideas are to their advantage. 18. I would permit the group to set it’s own pace. _______”P” ________”T” 2 Leadership Questionnaire Scoring Instructions A. Circle the item number for questions… 1, 3, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17. Write a “1” in front of the circled items to which you responded (S) seldom or (N) never. Write a “1” in front of items not circled to which you responded (A) always or (F) frequently. Circle the “1’s” which you have written in front of the following questions…. 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 14, 16, 18. Count the circled “1’s”. This is your score for Concern for People . Record the score in the blank following the “P” at the end of the questionnaire. Count the encircled “1’s”. This is your score for the Concern for Production. Record this Production number in the blank following the letter “T”. C. E. G. – – Directions for Plotting Locate your score on the Managerial Grid find your score for ( “T” ) Concern for Production on the horizontal axis of the Grid. Next, move up the column corresponding to your production score to the intersection with you ( “P” ) Concern for People score. Place an “X” at the intersection that represents your two sores. Numbers in parentheses correspond to the major styles on the Managerial Grid. 3 Country Club Ideal / Team Mgr Fair / Firm Compromiser The Managerial Grid Bureaucrat Taskmaster EXHIBIT 11-1 4 Management Grid Robert Blake and Jane Mouton Leadership The use of influence to motivate employees to achieve organizational goals. Management The process of reaching organizational goals by working with and through people and other organizational resources 5 Management Grid Robert Blake and Jane Mouton Focus….. “Management / Leadership Style” What are the Prime Variables….. People and Production 6 Management Grid Robert Blake and Jane Mouton • Leadership styles…. – – – – – Bureaucrat….. Country club… Task master…. According to Blake / Mouton Fair / Firm compromiser… Ideal or Team Manager…. • Contrast….. – – – – – Scientific management vs. Human Relations Autocratic vs. Democratic Authoritarian vs. Participative Production centered vs. People Centered Theory X vs. Theory Y 7 Management Grid 8 The Marriage Grid • The Marriage Grid is a framework for understanding your marriage. • It applies to you and your mate. • Two sides: Concern for what Happens’ & Concern for your mate. Mate The term “Mate” is to mean the other person in your marriage. Mate is neutral and isn’t burdened with traditional and sentimental meaning…… Use mate to mean the other person…. It can mean these relationships: “Soul mate”, “Helpmate”, “Playmate”, “Cellmate”, “Intimate”, “Checkmate” & “Stalemate”. 9 The Marriage Grid 1-1 I want to be left in peace by my mate. Home is where I eat, sleep and keep my things. 9-1 I try hard and I expect no less in return. I think I know what’s right and my mate should agree with me. 1-9 I only want to bring happiness to my mate . I gladly give encouragement and show approval and appreciation. Our home should be a love nest. 5-5 My mate is my partner. I want each of us to play our roles and do our part. Our marriage is geared to bring members in good standing in our social group. 9-9 I want to share intimacy and fulfillment with my mate. The essence of marriage is taking part and involvement is shared activities, yet each of us should retain our individuality. 10 ...
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