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6 p 59 successful resolution of organizational

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Unformatted text preview: pproach • Applies social science in an organizational context • Draws from economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, Sub-field of the Humanistic Management Perspective and other disciplines – Understand employee behavior and interaction in an organizational setting – OD – Organization Development 48 Management Science Perspective • Emerged after WW II • Applied mathematics, statistics, and other quantitative techniques to managerial problems Operations Research – mathematical modeling Operations Management – specializes in physical production of goods or services Information Technology – reflected in management information systems 49 Historical Perspective - Management Approaches Management Science – Operations Research Management - application of mathematics, statistics & quantitative techniques application • decision making & problem solving • Management Information Systems •MRP I - MRP II - ERP 50 Contingency View of Management - actions dependent on identifying key contingencies / situations situations - organizational phenomena exist in logical patterns Exhibit 2.6, p. 59 Successful resolution of organizational problems is thought to depend on managers’ identification of key variations in the situation at hand variations 51 Systems View of Organizations Exhibit 2.5, p. 58 52 Systems Approach • • The operations function involves the conversion of inputs into outputs. Business unit is a set of interrelated parts that function as a whole for a common purpose. purpose. Value added Inputs Land Labor Capital Transformation/ Conversion process Feedback Outputs Goods Services Control Feedback Feedback input – transformation – output - feedback input 53 Management Management Prerogatives Prerogatives What are you allowed to do! 54 Who Defines ????? Management prerogatives and the exercise thereof shall be unqualified , shall remain exclusively in the Management and shall include without limitation all matters not covered by this Agreement as well as the following, to the extent that the following are not limited or...
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