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After Run Fan and Coolant Pump on at Lower Temperature

After Run Fan and Coolant Pump on at Lower Temperature -...

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I figured out a way to make the after-run fan (and coolant pump) come on more frequently. I purchased a temperature switch from a 1990 90q20v (p/n 034 919 369 A) for $25 which measures underhood temperature (not coolant temp) and is set to turn on at 85 celcius and off at 80 celcius. The switch is threaded with a 10 mm thread and I picked up a used mounting bracket from a 1990-1992 VW Passat 16V and mounted it along with the switch on the valve cover using the rear allen bolt on the passenger side. I extended the wires that feed the
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Unformatted text preview: stock switch and ran it to the new switch. Now the after-run fan and pump comes on about 80% of the time. I tried mounting the switch on the driver's side, but it did not get hot enough to trigger the switch. Since the switch is just above the downpipe, it will see the highest temperature. FYI, the stock switch doesn't come on until the coolant gets to 110 celcius which takes quite a lot....
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