Big Brake Kit Part Numbers

Big Brake Kit Part Numbers - 999.067.041.09 Bolt, short...

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Credit to Trent Wakelin for these part numbers: RS2 BRACKETS 8A0 615 125 A (034Motorsports or VAG Parts) 993tt Big Red Calipers: 993-351-425-10 (left), 993-351-426-10 (right) Porsche 928 GTS front calipers Porsche P/N -928-351-423-03 L, 928-351-424-03 R Later A8 ROTORS (323x30, 5/112) 4D0 615 301 A or J (A was superceded by J) Also: Bolts, long (caliper to bracket, x4)
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Unformatted text preview: 999.067.041.09 Bolt, short (Strut to bracket, x4) N 100 880 03 Bolt size is: M12x1.25x25mm Vibration dampers 44 mm (x4) 965 351 096 00 Vibration dampers 36 mm (x4) 964 351 096 01 Wear Sensors (x2) 993.612.368.00 Wear Sensor holders (x2) 928.612.361.00 Brake lines (x2) 443 611 707 C (rubber OEM, M-F, 405 mm long) Or custom stainless steel...
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