Brake Flex Line Stainless Steel

Brake Flex Line Stainless Steel - Stainless Steel Brake...

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Stainless Steel Brake Flex Line Installation – 1994 AUDI UrS4 Why use stainless steel brake flex lines? The typical SS flex line consists of a Teflon inner tube to carry the brake fluid covered by a braided stainless steel sheath. The tube and sheath is attached to the end fittings by crimping or by using a compression type removable fitting. Some SS lines have a plastic sheath that covers the braid or an inner sheath between the Teflon tube and the SS outer cover. The SS lines have some advantages: 1. The lines can withstand high pressure and don’t expand under pressure like OEM rubber lines. This translates into better brake pedal “feel”. 2. The SS cover is resistant to cutting damage by road debris. The SS lines also have some disadvantages in everyday use: 1. Grit from road spray works it’s way under the SS outer cover and abrades the Teflon tube. This eventually results in leaks and line failure. Unsheathed SS lines should be replaced every two years. Plastic outer sheathing and Kevlar inner sheathing is designed to prevent this. 2. The SS lines do not stretch. If they are too short for the car, they will eventually pull apart under full suspension travel. 3. There have been reports of “mysterious” SS line failures in normal use. You seldom hear this about OEM rubber lines. DOT Certification To be DOT approved, brake flex lines have to meet several criteria. One is that the end connections have to be crimped to the hose. The criteria which most SS lines fail is the “whip” test. The line is attached by one end to a test machine that flails it around. The line has to withstand a specified number of cycles. SS lines usually fatigue and come apart. All racecars use SS lines for the high-pressure
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Brake Flex Line Stainless Steel - Stainless Steel Brake...

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