Central Hydraulic Fluid Flush

Central Hydraulic Fluid Flush - UrS4 Central Hydraulic...

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UrS4 Central Hydraulic Fluid Flush I was having two annoying problems with my ’94 Audi S4. 1. The red brake warning light indicating low hydraulic pressure would come on in the morning after the car sat overnight and stay on for 20 seconds or so. This gradually got worse until the light came on after the car had sat for a few hours and was staying on longer, indicating the bomb wasn’t holding pressure and was taking a long time to recharge. 2. There was a “slack” spot at dead centre in the steering where there was no steering feel or feedback. It felt like worn tie rod ends, but all suspension components were tight and the rack preload was properly adjusted. I solved both these problems by changing the Pentosin in the central hydraulic system and cleaning the screen in the reservoir. The procedure I used is as follows: 1. Lift the car (I use ramps) and remove the belly pan. Take the car off the ramps. 2. Discharge the pressure in the “bomb” (brake servo hydraulic accumulator) by repeatedly pumping the brake pedal (with the engine off) until the pedal effort gets hard and the pedal engagement gets very high. It took 48 pumps to discharge the pressure from my 9-year-old bomb. Don’t restart
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Central Hydraulic Fluid Flush - UrS4 Central Hydraulic...

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