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Coil Pack 1.8T Conversion

Coil Pack 1.8T Conversion - 1.8t Coil Pack Conversion for...

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1.8t Coil Pack Conversion for the Audi AAN 20vt Dave Forgie, “UrS4boy” and “Librarian” October, 2005 Introduction I've been developing this conversion in my head for a number of years because I always thought that, eventually, our OEM coils would no longer be made and I wanted a back-up plan for my car. In the last four or five months, I noticed that I was getting some missing/bucking under WOT, and high boost, at high speed. I figured coil (or POS) but I didn't want to spend the money on replacing old (but perhaps robust) technology when newer technology is out there. I know all about the 1.8t coil pack recall on some of the Bremi-made coil packs but I think that VW/Audi is through all that now. For whatever reason (excess supply, the need to do some good PR), these coil packs are now very reasonably priced. Since I had the need and the price was right (about $200 - $250 for the parts versus the OEM equivalent of about $900 for five coils, two OEM POS units and five spark plug connectors), I decided to make the conversion. This conversion is intended as an alternative to the original equipment (OE) ignition system that uses two 3-channel power output stages (POSs) and five individual coils each with a replaceable sparkplug connector. The 1.8 t coil pack conversion described herein works but there are no guarantees about improved performance or freedom from failures. The 1.8t coil packs have built-in POS units as well as coils and plug connectors. At the time of writing this, these 06B 905 115L coil packs were about $30 each. In comparison, the OE POSs were about $150 each (and you need two) and the OE coils were about $115 each (and you need five). So even if the odd 115L coil pack fails every once and awhile, they are far less expensive than the original ignition system. Before you start the installation you should have read the following: The Parts Shopping List The Pin-outs The POS function (optional, if you are just trying to figure out whether you have a OE POS problem) The Installation Instructions These sections are available by clicking on the bookmarks on the left hand margin of this document. Remember, I am NOT a trained Audi research and development engineer. I take NO responsibility for the success or failure of this conversion. YMMV.
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The 1.8t coil pack conversion: Parts Shopping List To do this conversion, you need the parts listed below. They are mostly “dealer” (or independent supplier) parts. For some, you will need to be “inventive” and/or go to a wrecking yard to scrounge some VW parts: 1. 5 units of 06B 905 115L late model 1.8t coil packs (which are POS, coil and plug connectors all in one) should be about $25 each. Note the "L" is very important. DO NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING ELSE - unless they are known to be better. (NOTE: The B6 S4 4.2L V8 coils probably will work too – but they cost about 50% more and they are trimmed in orange rubber) 2. 5 units of 4B0 973 724 empty four wire connectors (to mate to the 115Ls) (about $10 each) (Seems expensive but they are worth it) 3.
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Coil Pack 1.8T Conversion - 1.8t Coil Pack Conversion for...

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