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Console Back Removal

Console Back Removal - UrS4/6 Rear Console Removal Step 1...

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UrS4/6 Rear Console Removal Step 1: Remove shift knob by unscrewing (standard RH thread). Step 2: Remove shift boot by prying gently at rear (Figure 1). There are retaining clips at the rear, and slide in tabs at the front. Once rear is free of the retaining clips, pull towards rear to free tabs and lift off shift lever. Figure 1 Figure 2 Step 3: Remove two (2) Phillips head screws located under shift boot that hold the front of the rear console (Figure 2). Step 4: Remove the rear seat heater trim plate from rear of console. Pry gently from the top to release two (2) retaining clips, and lift off three (3) tabs on the bottom. The removed plate is shown (Figure 3). Figure 3 Figure 4 Step 5: Remove the two (2) Phillips head screws now revealed (Figure 4). Step 6: Remove cup holder side panels by grasping at the bottom and pulling towards the center. They are fastened by Velcro, and tabs at the top (Figure 5). Step 7: Pull up the cloth liner from the cup holder area starting from the rear by the phone speaker.
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