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Fuel Plump - Replacement

Fuel Plump - Replacement - If you don't heed my advice and...

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If you don't heed my advice and replace your fuel pump if it is the original and you have over 100,000 miles on your S-car, PLEASE don't post to the forum that your fuel pump failed. Of course it did. There was no doubt that it would fail. When was the question and you didn't take matters into your own hands. Don't whine about it to the list. (Please). Here is the procedure (Note: all the usual YMMV, caveats, no responsibility for errors or omissions, etc. Use your head. Don't smoke, Wear sunscreen. Floss, etc.): 1. Obtain a new fuel pump (the last numbers are "091 G") and a new fuel filter (complete with two new copper crush washers). The replacement fuel pumps are either VDO (typical OEM supplier), Bosch (sometimes the OEM supplier) or Pierburg (a reasonably reputable aftermarket supplier). Sources of these fuel pumps include, S-cars.org, SJM Autotechnik, Blaufuernuegen, the Parts Connection, FAP99, Arizona Autohauz, Bimmerparts, VM Autohaus, etc. and the stealerships.
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