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Front Strut Insert Replacement

Front Strut Insert Replacement - 1 jack up car remove...

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1. jack up car, remove wheels 2. place jack under front control arm, and raise it to relieve the tension on the spring. 3. remove center nut on top of upper strut mount, which holds the shock shaft. remove 3 17mm inner nuts which hold the upper strut mount to the lower mount (the outer 3 13mm nuts do not get removed). gently lower jack, allowing spring to fully extend 4. use a big-ass pipe wrench or the audi special tool to remove the nut holding the shock inside the strut. remove upper strut mount, metal cap below upper strut mount (on shock shaft), and shock (with the nut that holds it in) 5. use two spring compressors to compress the spring as much as possible. now, the strut and spring will hang down *just* enough that you can get your fingers up in there, and manipulate the lower strut mount to get the bearing out from below. remove bearing, noting that the little "tab" that indicates the direction it should be mounted is closest to the engine bay 6. slip the new bearings in place. make sure to get the semicicrular relief cutouts properly aligned so
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