HEATER BLOWER TEMPERATURE FLAP - then into the car When the...

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With the plastic tray removed from in front of the wipers, you can see several of the lingage arms and flap motors. There is one flap motor in the big round duct that connects the A/C evaporator to the heater box. Note the squarish box on top of the round duct. That controls a round door inside that looks like a throttle plate. You can move the rubber boot back a bit and watch it work. There is also a flap motor inside a box there above the vacuum actuated heater valve. Unscrew the cover of the housing and then you can watch it work. (sorry, I don't have a photo of it) On the passenger side of the heater box there is some linkage you can watch working.
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In the next picture I've labeled where I think the heater flap is and if you look on the plastic housing, you can see the arc molded into the housing where the flap swings. When the flap is up, it makes the air from the blower go downward, through the heater core (who's tall rectangular outline you can see vertically there at the bottom middle of the heater box) and
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Unformatted text preview: then into the car. When the flap is down, air is blocked from going downward through the heater core, and so just old air comes into the car. Of course this flap can be in any position as the climate control computer "blends" cold air from outside with some air going through the heater core to provide whatever tempurature you've asked for. Anyway, point being that I think the flap motor you're after is the one located in the box next to the vacuum actuated heater valve. As such, it should be real easy to pop out, clean up and get working. This is where VAG-Com and the "output diagnostic test mode" comes in handy because you can actuate each of these motors and then stand there and watch them work (or not). The climate control unit can do a self diagnostic and show you it's own fault codes. I think there's a page on how to do this on 12v.org or similar....
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HEATER BLOWER TEMPERATURE FLAP - then into the car When the...

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