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Econ101 Final Exam Version 1 Economics 101 Professor Serrano-Padial Final Exam December 19, 2007 Student Name: _____________________ ID#: ______________________ Discussion #: ________ DO NOT BEGIN WORKING UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO. READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST! The exam consists of 45 multiple-choice questions. Please fill out the scantron with a #2 pencil. You have 120 minutes to complete the exam. Please leave enough time to fill out the scantron carefully and accurately. 1 . Print your last name , first name , and middle initial in the spaces market “Last name”, “First Name”, and “MI”. Fill in the corresponding bubbles below. 2 . Print your student identification number in the spaces marked “ Identification Number ”. Fill in the bubbles below as well. 3 . Write the discussion section number for which you are officially registered under “ Special Codes spaces ABC , and fill in the bubbles. Discussion sections numbers are as follows: Aris Avgousti Chen-Yu Li Hiroaki Miyamoto Jiao Shi 363 F 2:25pm 357 F 11:00am 356 F 11:00am 362 F 2:25pm 365 F 3:30pm 359 F 12:05am 358 F 12:05pm 364 F 3:30pm 367 F 8:50am 372 R 4:35pm 366 F 8:50am 370 R 4:35pm 373 R 2:25pm 369 F 7:45am 374 R 3:30pm 371 F 9:55am 4 . After filling your discussion section number in the “Special Codes” spaces ABC, please put the version number of the exam in the “ Special Codes ” space D . The version number can be found in the page header. This is a close-book, close-note exam. You can use a non-graphic calculator if you need. If you have a question during the exam, stay seated, and please raise your hand. All answer sheets must be turned in as you leave the exam. Think carefully before you answer each question. Good luck! 1
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