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Brad Pitt is a beautiful man. I'm a male, I'm straight, and I don't mind admitting that Brad's body, especially in "Fight Club , " is an impressive sight. Same with D'Angelo, in that powerful, sexual "Untitled" video; he's a put-together dude, and there's no reason to deny it. But while I'm cool with thinking those guys are fine, I'm bothered by my occasional inability to see them, Men's Health magazine, or any Soloflex commercial, without honestly believing that unless I have three percent body fat, a hairless torso and washboard abs, I'm a sorry human being. I spent the week after watching "Fight Club" counting calories like Sarah Ferguson; if I catch "Untitled" on MTV Jams before heading to work in the morning, I usually skip breakfast and double that day's workout. After a long time believing I run, lift, bike, hike and try to "eat right" in the interest of being fit, I've realized my motivations are more superficial than healthy. Instead of seeking true mental and physical fitness, I worry about appearances—about what I'm convinced I should look like, based on magazines, movies and MTV. I go through streaks of avoiding certain foods not because they taste bad or otherwise disagree with me, but because I'll feel guilty after eating them. ..like getting freaky with Little Debbie or Sara Lee is something I should be ashamed of. The thing is, I'm actually in pretty decent shape—about 6' 2", 200 pounds, and relatively
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Race&Body%20image2 - Brad Pitt is a beautiful man. I'm...

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