syllabus08 - East Asian 103: First Semester Japanese (Fall...

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Unformatted text preview: East Asian 103: First Semester Japanese (Fall 2008) Course Objectives Development of the four basic skills of communication and cultural understanding: • Ability to listen to and understand everyday conversation. • Ability to communicate everyday needs and uncomplicated ideas in common conversational situations. • Ability to read and understand simple essays and stories. • Ability to write simple memos, letters, and essays Acquisition of basic grammar, hiragana, katakana , kanji, vocabulary and expressions that enable the four areas described above. Teaching Staff • Professor Geyer, Naomi 1260 Van Hise Hall phone: 262-9221 email: [email protected] office hour: M10-11, F2-3 or by appointment • Teaching Assistants 1269 /1202/1211 Van Hise Hall phone: 262-9217 office hour: TBA DOI, Miyuki [email protected] HASEGAWA, Atsushi [email protected] KAMIYA, Miyuki [email protected] MASUI, Yumi [email protected] SUKEGAWA, Ai [email protected] TAKEUCHI, Jae [email protected] TAMEYORI, Rie [email protected] Class meetings Students are required to attend 3 lectures and 5 discussions per week. • Lecture (taught by Geyer) MWF 8:50-9:40 5206 Social Science New grammatical structures, expressions, and cultural concepts will be introduced in English, along with the practice of the introduced items in Japanese. Tests and quizzes will be conducted during lecture sessions. • Discussion sections (taught by TA) Section 301 MTWRF 9:55 -10:45 599 Van Hise Hall Section 302 MTWRF 11:00 – 11:50 479 Van Hise Hall Section 303 MTWRF 12:05 - 12:55 115 Van Hise Hall Section 304 MTWRF 1:20 – 2:10 159 Van Hise Hall Section 305 MTWRF 9:55 – 10:45 201 Van Hise Hall Section 306 MTWRF 2:25 – 3:15 591 Van Hise Hall Section 307 MTWRF 1:20 – 2:10 201 Van Hise Hall During discussion sessions, drills and practices will be conducted entirely in Japanese . The purpose of these sessions is to use the language and not to talk about the language in English. If you have questions which require an extended explanation in English, save them for after class, for the next lecture, or for an office hour. Textbooks • An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese: Genki I (The Japan Times) • An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese: Genki I Workbook (The Japan Times) These textbooks are available at the University Bookstore. Additional material may be distributed in class. Copy fee may be collected at the end of the semester for these supplementary materials. Course Website Syllabus, biweekly schedule, handouts, study guides, information, etc. will be posted on the course website “Moodle.” Visit Moodle as often as possible: Audio Material The audio material of the textbook (dialogs, vocabulary, practices, listening comprehension exercise, etc.) can be downloaded from the following web site (username: ja103, password: banno) It is advisable to practice with the audio material frequently and distribute the aural...
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syllabus08 - East Asian 103: First Semester Japanese (Fall...

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