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TAKE-HOME ASSIGNMENT # 4B NAME Kim, Mo Se GRADE / 100 1. Please put your name in the space above. 2. All assignments must be done using MICROSOFT OFFICE WORD. 3. Tables and graphs can be copied from your CHAPTER 4B CLASS NOTES or EXCEL and pasted directly into this file . 4. Paste all your work where indicated AFTER EACH QUESTION. 5. DO NOT ELIMINATE THE TABLES HERE. They are needed for you to check to be sure you have included all the required questions and for your instructor to place comments or answers. You can work directly in this file if you wish and used the tables provided. I will place comments underneath. 6. When you save your work, please remember to rename the TH file by adding your last and first name. For example : TH4B-SmithJ 7. Submit this assignment into TH4B assignment folder by WEDNESDAY MIDNIGHT. INDEPENDENT AND DEPENDENT EVENTS using the examples in questions 5 and 6 on page 184. Please note that whether a situation is dependent or independent may depend upon your interpretation of the problem, so an explanation or rational for your choice is needed. (6 Points) Dependent/Independent Why? 4-4-6a Independent Even if calculator works, it does not mean cell phone works 4-4-6b Independent Though the kitchen toaster is not working, the refrigerator can work. 4-4-6c Dependent Drinking and drugging can effect a car crash Paste your work here: Find the probability of selecting 4 people who are all left handed. Write your formulae neatly below using the hints given on page 4 of your notes. (2 points) P(4people left handed)=P(A1, A2, A3, A4) = P(A1) x P(A2) x P(A3) x P(A4) = 0.1 x 0.1 x 0.1 x 0.1 = 0.0001 Paste your work here: Read question 4-4-13 on page 185-186 and calculate the probability of having 12 girls in 12 children. Write your formulae neatly to show ALL the parts needed. Once you have the FULL formula and the substituted values written you can use a short-cut calculation (0.5) 12 = ? on your calculator to obtain the final answer. (2points) Let A = a girl P(A) = 1/2 =0.5 P(12 girls in 12 children) = P(A1, A2, A3………. .A12) = P(A1) x P(A2) x P(A3) …………………. . x P(A12) = 0.5^12 = 0.000244 Paste your work here: 1
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If there were actually 12 girls out of 12 children using a new gender-selection medication, would you consider the medication effective? Why? (1 point) Yes, since the event could happen with 1/4096 chance when there was not such a method. Paste your work here:
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