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Justin Joseph Prof. Scherbaum 3/13/2006 Paper #1 1). Describe the Business Issue There is something special about Madison Square Garden. It has often been called the Mecca of all sports and it is the world’s most famous arena. For many years, Madison Square Garden has been home to some of the most dramatic and most unbelievable events in sports. On January 25 th 2006, Madison Square Garden was filled with all the drama and shock. The drama and shock, however, were not due to a game being on the line. Instead, the drama and shock were due to Isiah Thomas’s integrity and character on the line. Thomas is Vice President of Basketball Operations with the New York Knicks. He has been accused by former employer Anuncha Brown Sanders of sexually harassing her at work. According to a Newsday Article, 1 “Thomas approached Browne Sanders and hugged her and tried to kiss her. Browne Sanders pulled away and Thomas said, ‘What, I can’t get any love from you today?;” Now while it may seem like all Thomas wanted was “a kiss”, any type of sexual advances should not be acceptable or tolerated in any work environment. Not only does it make for an uncomfortable work environment, it clearly violates the defined acceptable practices between two people at work. What Isiah Thomas did was disregard Anuncha Brown Sanders for her hard work and treated her like a sexual object. While it’s no surprise that sex plays a huge role in sports, whether it be the scantily- clad cheerleaders or just the female groupies waiting at the hotel room for their favorite athlete. The bottom line is that there is an appropriate context for sexual pursuits in
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