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Unformatted text preview: Physics 21 Fall, 2007 Information about Final Final Exam : The Final Exam will be Saturday, Decem- ber 15, 2007 from noon to 3:00 pm. Almost everyone is in PA 101; only the extra time students will be in LL221. The exam will be closed book and closed notes. An equation sheet and the notes on optics (now posted on the course web site) will be included with the exam. Any physical constants and integrals you will need will be given on the equation sheet. Practice Questions : Representative questions on waves and optics taken from previous exams in Physics 21 will be posted on the class web site. The two previous hour ex- ams and the associated practice exams provide representa- tive questions on electricity and magnetism. The solution to the practice questions will be posted on the web. Use of Calculators : You should bring a calculator. In general, however, setting up the problems and demonstrating the correct strategy for solving them are worth more than doing the arithmetic to get a numerical result. If you are asked to solve simultaneous algebraic equations, you must solve them by hand and show the solution to receive full...
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