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Kelloggs essay - Justin Joseph Comm 3068 Kellogg's A good...

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Justin Joseph Comm 3068 Kellogg’s: A good meal to start off the day! We all wake up each morning and we all embark for a brand new day. As the day begins, hopefully, we all brush our teeth and take a shower. After that is done, we are ready to begin the day. Most of us skip breakfast, as we may not have the time to sit down and enjoy a meal. However, for a vast majority of us, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the most important meal of the day since it is our first meal of the day. Yet, more importantly, breakfast is the most important meal of the day because our body needs the energy, to sustain us for the first half of the day. Breakfast is vitally important to us all. Study after study has shown that children and adult students who eat breakfast do more and better work in school than those who don't. Those who don't eat breakfast tend to tire more quickly, be more irritable and react less quickly than those who do eat breakfast. (Kendall) What makes breakfast so significant is not only the effects it has on our body, but also how it makes us feel. There are some people who just simply have no feeling of gratification when it comes to eating food. They see eating breakfast as yet another thing that simply comprises there morning routine. Yet, for others, including myself, eating breakfast is more than just digesting food in the morning. Food is more than just compounds that consist of vitamins and minerals. Food is sort of an experience a person has or even a connection to the thing that they are putting in their body. Eating breakfast, especially a good breakfast, makes you feel good in the morning. .It makes you feel like
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you are ready to accept the challenges that lie ahead of you in the day and that you are energized for those challenges that lie ahead. So what exactly constitutes for a good breakfast? Most people would say that so long as the food is tasty, then the breakfast is good. While this is probably the most important factor in having a good breakfast, it is not the only factor in choosing a breakfast meal. A big factor in why people choose to eat the foods they eat is because of the name brand associated with the food. “A brand is more than a symbol. In the public’s eye, a brand is a warranty . It is a promise that the service carrying the brand will live up to its name and perform” (Beckwith, 153). Indeed, a brand is something that is a promise to the consumer. For over 100 years,
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Kelloggs essay - Justin Joseph Comm 3068 Kellogg's A good...

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