lecture14 - Administrative Issues Advanced Arrays Lecture...

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Advanced Arrays Lecture 14 Administrative Issues • Ongoing – Homework 3 due tomorrow – Program 3 due June 13 th JBuilder Demo • Demonstration of advanced class concepts Arrays Review • Arrays are lists of values – Primitive types – Object references • Instantiated using new String[] nameList = new String[10]; • Size fixed at instantiation • Access using the [] operator System.out.println(nameList[7]); More Review: Arrays of Object References • Arrays can manage lists of object references • No initializer lists for object references – Must use new operator for each array element – Exception: String arrays can have initializer lists •E x am p l e : // Declare an array of Students Student[] classRoll = new Student[12]; // Populate the array int i; for (i=0; i<12; i++) { classRoll[0] = new Student(names[i], majors[i]); } Sorting • Sorting – Arranging a list of items into a defined order
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Sorting • Why choose one versus another? – Some algorithms are more efficient than others • Classic Area of Computer Science – Study of sorting – Comparisons of algorithm efficiency and complexity Selection Sort • Today – Cover Selection Sort in detail –Very s imp le – Very inefficient: SLOW • Sample problem – Array of integers – Sort them in increasing order Human Sorting • Sort these numbers in increasing order • Pay attention to HOW
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lecture14 - Administrative Issues Advanced Arrays Lecture...

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