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Justin Joseph How to Perform CPR Into: We’ve seen it on shows such as Baywatch, ER, and Third Watch, but how many of us truly know how to perform CPR? Well, it’s a good question considering someone’s life is on the line. Many of us think we may know how to perform CPR from what we have seen on TV, but the reality is that when shock, fear, nervousness, and confusion occur, it may not be as easy as we think it is. In fact, it may be something we might easily forget in a tense situation. Today, I shall demonstrate how to properly perform CPR on this stuffed animal. So what exactly is CPR? CPR stands for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. CPR has two basic functions. 1). Keep the blood flowing throughout the body. 2). Keep air flowing in and out of the lungs. The whole point of CPR is to push oxygenated air into the lungs. What this does is it artificially re-creates the blood circulation. You’ll have to know the ABC’s of CPR if you want to help someone survive. First Step: The most important step of all is to first call 911. Even if you know what your doing, you need to have trained professionals aid and assist the victim. Second Step: While 911 is on the Way the first thing you need to know is the letter A in ABC. A is for Airway. When a person passes out, their tongue rolls back into their mouth and blocks their windpipe. Here’s how you clear a blocked airway in 3 steps:
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1. Place the palm of your hand across the victim's forehead and push down
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Speech CPR - Justin Joseph How to Perform CPR Into We've...

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