Homework0 - b) Dividing by zero (R) c) Forgetting a...

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Homework0 Name: Sung June Pyun Part 1 1.3 How many unique items can be represented with each of the following? 1 bit: 2 3 bits: 8 6 bits: 64 8 bits: 256 10 bits: 1024 16 bits: 2 16 1.17. Why are the following valid Java identifiers not considered good identifiers? q: doesn’t mean anything. It could mean something, but nobody could recognize. Even the programmer will forget after a certain time totVal: It’s a abbreviation. Abbreviations are allowed, but its hard to know what the tot Val means. theNextValueInTheList: This is too long. 1.18 Java is case sensitive. What does that mean? It means that two identifier names that differ only in the case of their letters are considered to be different identifiers. That means the same world with upper and lower case letter have different values. 1.20 Categorize each of the following situations as a compile-time error(C), runtime error(R), or logical error (L). a) Multiplying two numbers when you meant to add them. (L)
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Unformatted text preview: b) Dividing by zero (R) c) Forgetting a semicolon at the end of a program statement (C) d) Spelling a word wrong in the output (C) e) Producing inaccurate results (L) f) Typing a { when you should have typed ( (C) Part2 Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich Ingredients: two slices of toast bread, two Table spoons of peanut butter, two table spoons of jelly. Tools: Knife, toaster, spoon, a plate Direction: 1. Put the two slices of toast bread in a toaster and push the on button. 2. As the toast bread goes up, take them. 3. Use a Table spoon to get two Table spoons of peanut butter. 4. Put them on one side of just one slice of bread. 5. Now use the spoon to get two Table spoons of Jelly. 6. Put the Jelly on one side of the bread that you did not put the peanut butter. 7. Now, put the two slices together so that the side of peanut butter and jelly gets together. 8. Put it on a plate....
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Homework0 - b) Dividing by zero (R) c) Forgetting a...

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