Exam 2 - Gilanter chap 1-6

Exam 2 - Gilanter chap 1-6 - February 9th 2009 Low degree...

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February 9 th 2009 Low degree of self differentiation- we eliminate attachments outside the group Degrees of cohesion Interact- external, internal and psychological It is helpful that an early group acts a lot the same _____ is no likely in high cohesive groups inter-member dependence porous group boundaries centralized relations high frequencies of in-group attraction Delusions- means Gilanter doesn’t agree with them. But who determines if this “virtual reality” is true or not? The person with the most power. Ex. the person in the cult sees these things as truly real, where we see the differences and believe that it is nonsense. Manifest - achieve Goals that lead to value and significance Maintain the integrity of the group Latent consequence- is to maintain cohesion. Ex. when two groups get in a fight, they both get stronger Ideology: Value/Beliefs Coercion/forced – not usually a voluntary entrance to a group. Normally people wouldn’t join these groups without coercion (forced action). Why did they enter the group? Emotionally disturbed, coerced or brain washed If you resist your own wants, you will want them even more (scarcity) Societies rejection to these groups makes them even stronger- psychological reactants. Passive Compliance You will do whatever you have to do, but you’re heart isn’t in it. If you could get out you would. Ex. Did you want to take this class? No, it’s required so simply you do whatever you have to do. You conform however it is passive. You don’t want people looking for escape routes in the group while forming. Centralization of: o Cohesion o Ideology (shared values/beliefs) That what may seem to be strange and unusual outside the group, when you find it in these groups with centralization, it seems normal Behavior doesn’t seem weird A highly cohesive group with the power of ideology can reconstruct that what would otherwise be destructing into something that is quite normal.
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Forces inside the group force their “reality” to become stronger. It is based on insecurity of a forming group. Attraction: Group Ideology – provides certainty When you’re confused you search for this certainty. The attraction of the ideology is the certainty. It is a simple solution to the complex issues we come about. The answer is “Follow me” Ex. Sept. 11 th ; if they say “follow me” you do it! High
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Exam 2 - Gilanter chap 1-6 - February 9th 2009 Low degree...

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