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Exam 2 Practice Questions 1. A chemist is trying to determine the reaction order of the reaction she is conducting in lab. She remembers from her general chemistry class that a straight-line plot can be used in this situation. How would she plot her data to determine if the reaction is first order? What would be the x- and y-axis, the slope of the straight line, and the y-intercept? Plot t (x-axis) vs. ln [A] (y-axis). This will result in a straight line with a slope of –k and a y- intercept of ln [A] 0 2. The chemistry determines that her reaction is actually first order. The next step is to determine the half-life. What equation will she use to do this? T(1/2)=0.693/k 3. What is the name of a colloid produced by a gas dispersed in a solid? Give an example of such a material. Foam, styrofoam 4. After a bad ice storm a chemist is trying to determine the best way to melt the ice on his sidewalk. Being a true scientist at heart, he is thinking in quantities of moles. Would it be more effective to use 1 mole of NaCl, or 1 mol of CaCl 2
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curtisfisk_practice_exam_2_answers - Exam 2 Practice...

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