SM101 - b. Take attendance of all cast, crew, etc. i. Know...

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Stage Managing (SM) 101 1) Character Designation a. Associate actors with appropriate character(s) b. Create abbreviations and/or symbols for each to designate blocking 2) Create a prop list a. List all props both personal (i.e.- cigarettes, glasses) and public b. Pay attention to exits, entrances, and presets (props set before scene starts) c. Create a diagram for the prop tables i. Include stage side table is on and what side it ends up on ii. Number, location, and ownership of all props 3) Note costumes and changes 4) Create set diagrams for every scene/locale a. Write in pencil (so you can change) b. Include stage dimensions, set pieces, presets, character entrances/exits or path in blocking, and the date or draft number 5) ALL CUES and where they occur a. entrances, exits, voiceovers, lights, sound, FX; note approximate timings *NOTE THAT THE ABOVE (1-5) MUST BE WRITTEN IN SCRIPT AND ON SEPARATE SHEETS FOR YOU, DIRECTOR(S), AND TECH CREW. 6) DELEGATE/DO: a. Turn on house and work lights for each rehearsal
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Unformatted text preview: b. Take attendance of all cast, crew, etc. i. Know whos supposed to be there and when c. Know what the proposed rehearsal schedule is for that day d. Sweep before and after each rehearsal e. Set public props and presets f. Scene changes g. Cue actors from offstage h. Operate backstage equipment or FX as needed i. Hand-offs (props and set/costume pieces) j. Some costume changes as needed k. Communicate via headsets 7) Production Stage Manager (PSM): TIME and CUE the performance 8) Act as mediator during disputes, riot control, shhh enforcer 9) Create a contact list and/or phone tree a. For all people involved in production b. Use titles (char., director, usher, etc.) then names, then phone/e-mail c. Place one copy in a public place where everyone can view and hand out individual copies 10) Be able to recall blocking or other information to relate to crew, actors, and directors 11) HAVE FUN!...
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SM101 - b. Take attendance of all cast, crew, etc. i. Know...

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