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Grading_Secret_Writing_Report - • Detailed •...

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Secret Writing Report Title: (0.1) Authors Date Section LAs Professor Abstract: (0.3) One paragraph Summary of Experiment o Goal of the research .i Do not use “the purpose of this lab. ..” o Method used .ii This should be an overall description only salient points o Results obtained o Conclusion and implications of results Introduction: (1.0) The history of secret writing o Chemistry involved Importance of secret writing Short reference to what you will be doing (take a look again at the paper you printed out earlier in the semester) Must include appropriate references (not lab manual) Procedure: (0.8)
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Unformatted text preview: • Detailed • Specifics (volumes, pHs, times etc.) • Passive voice Results and calculations: (0.4) • Must be concise but complete • Use tables where appropriate • Must give catalyst number • All details of the conditions needed to develop the message • The targeted building Discussion: (1.0) • The chemistry involved in the development of the Lab. Must discuss 2 of the following in detail o Acid/Base chemistry o Kinetics (including catalysis) o Redox reactions Conclusion: (0.2) References: (0.2) Must include at least 5 references...
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Grading_Secret_Writing_Report - • Detailed •...

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