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Instructions for writing the formal report for the partition coefficient lab During last semester, I noticed that several reports I graded had a dissonance in the formal report. It was obvious that more than one person wrote the report, with one taking more care in the presentation than the other. In addition, there was no editing after the report was compiled. For this report, I want you to do something different. How much time does it usually require to finish a formal report? Two hours? Three hours? Four hours? 5 hours? I want you divide this time by 2. Gather all the information you need. Take just half the usual time to write the report. Do not worry about editing or any thing. Just write your part of the report. Combine the parts to make one report. Print out a copy of the report and save it for your portfolio.
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Unformatted text preview: Now take a break (at least two hours), go do something else. Now that you have had a break from writing the report, take the rest of the time to edit the report. Make all the changes needed (grammatical, sentence construction, spell check etc). After you are finished, print out 2 copies of the report. Place both the unedited and edited copies of the report in your portfolio and submit it to your LA(s). You will lose grades if both versions are not submitted. The time input will not be greater than normal. The portfolio does not have to be fancy. You can use something like the two pocket portfolio available in most bookshops. Print your name the course number and section number on the cover. You will be updating the portfolio throughout the semester....
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