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Lab 8: Finding a Mechanism Laboratory Goals In this week’s lab you will: • Propose and support a mechanistic pathway for an observed chemical reaction Safety Notes 1. The solution used this week in lab should be treated as being of unknown danger. Please take all precautions to avoid getting the solution on your skin, eyes or elsewhere. Promptly clean any spills using plenty of water. The Experiment Working with a partner your task for the lab period will be to propose a reaction mechanism for the reaction presented in lab. You will have to justify your answer based upon your own experiments and observations. Reaction Mechanism Reactions occur through a series of small steps that comprise what is called the reaction mechanism. This series of steps explains the processes that happen as reactants react to become products. You will need to be familiar and comfortable with the concept presented in section 13.6 in your textbook (Tro). The success of this lab relies entirely upon you and your labmates being creative and really
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Lab_8-S09-mechanism_determination - Lab 8: Finding a...

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