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Results and Calculations: 1 st titration (NaOH) 2 nd titration (NaOH) 1 st titration Concentration Salicylic acid (Molarity) 2 nd titration Concentration Salicylic acid (Molarity) 1 st Titration Partition Constant 2 nd Titration Partition Constant Avg. Titration Partition Constant 25mL water 0.5mL 0.0158 1.333 75mL Octanol 2mL 0.0211 50mL water 0.25mL 0.0158 0.25 50mL Octanol 1mL 0.00396 How the concentration of salicylic acid was found for
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Unformatted text preview: the 25mL water solution M 1 V 1 =M 2 V 2 0.07919Moles/L X (0.5mL X 1L/1000mL)= ? X (25mL X 1L/1000mL) ?= 0.0158 M How the Partition Constant was found for the 25mL water and 75mL Octanol solution Concentration of octanol/ concentration of water 0.0211/0.0158=1.333 How the average partition constant was found for the 25mL water and 75mL Octanol (1.333+ X)/2+ Y...
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