Homework 06 - ycs73 Homework 6 Fakhreddine(53605 This...

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ycs73 – Homework 6 – Fakhreddine – (53605) 1 This print-out should have 18 questions. Multiple-choice questions may continue on the next column or page – fnd all choices be±ore answering. 001 1.0 points I ±ound some ammonium nitrate sitting in a can. I mixed it with some water I had sitting in a pan. It really mixed up nicely, I thought that I would say the solution was ? on this lovely day. 1. still neutral 2. now just basic 3. now acidic correct Explanation: Ammonium nitrate is the salt o± a weak base and is there±ore an ACIDIC salt. 002 1.0 points I ±ound some potassium chlorate ±rom inside our lab. I measured some out on a big marble slab. I dissolved it in water, and took a breath o± ±resh air. The pH No big surprise there. 1. remained neutral. correct 2. was now basic. 3. was acidic. Explanation: Potassium chlorate is the salt o± a strong acid and strong base and is there±ore a NEU- TRAL salt. 003 1.0 points Which one o± the ±ollowing substances would dissolve in water to produce a solution having a pH less than 7.0? 1. Al(NO 3 ) 3 correct 2. NaF 3. None o± these 4. NH 3 5. KCl Explanation: 004 1.0 points The term “ K a ±or the ammonium ion” de- scribes the equilibrium constant ±or which o± the ±ollowing reactions? 1. NH + 4 + H 2 O NH 3 + H 3 O + correct 2. NH + 4 + OH - NH 3 + H 2 O 3. NH 4 Cl(solid) + H 2 O NH + 4 + Cl - 4. The term is misleading, because the am- monium ion is not an acid. 5.
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Homework 06 - ycs73 Homework 6 Fakhreddine(53605 This...

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