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ACTING ASSIGNMENT 2 - Justin Joseph Acting Acting...

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Justin Joseph Acting Acting Assignment # 2 THE SIX STEPS 1). WHO AM I? The character I’m playing is an old man who lives in my building and he is very cranky most of the time. Whenever I see him, he is usually drunk and smells like alcohol. What is my present state of being? The present state of being in which my character is in, is a state of drunken anger. My character is pissed off at his spouse and his physical health. How do I perceive myself? My character perceives himself to be weak and inept. Thus, because he is insecure, he feels threatened. Since he feels threatened he lashes out in bursts of anger. What am I wearing? The character has a scruffy grey beard and long wavy grey hair. He is wearing grey sweatpants and a t-shirt. 2). WHAT ARE THE CIRCUMSTANCES? What time is it? It’s the present year, in the springtime, and it’s a Friday afternoon, just past 5 o’clock. Where am I? My character lives in 11 Fort George Hill in New York. The room my character lives in is pretty neat, yet he makes a mess out of everything.
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