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Essay #2 REVISED - Justin Joseph Prof Lawrence REVISED...

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Justin Joseph 2/15/05 Prof. Lawrence REVISED Essay #2 Both Peter Singer and Jonathan Swift convey their morals and solutions to poverty in their writings. The major and substantial difference between both authors is their tone their style of writing. Swift’s tone is very acerbic and sarcastic. His overall outlook is cynical. Unlike Singer, Swift utilizes satire to convey his frustrations with Ireland’s poverty. On the other hand, Singer is more optimistic about poverty and uses less sarcasm then Swift to make that distinction. Although both pieces of writing are convincing, I feel that Swift’s writing is more effective. Singer’s writing is just as effective in convincing the reader of the economic struggle of the poor. Singer provides an economic solution to the poverty of Ireland. However, Singer is not realistic with his solutions on eliminating poverty. His solutions are to take whatever money people are “spending on luxuries, not necessities, which should be given away” (6). Singer suggests that people should give about $20,000 dollars a year to the poor “for a household bringing about $50,000”, which is asking a lot from middle class America (6). What’s even more ludicrous is Singer realizes that Americans
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Essay #2 REVISED - Justin Joseph Prof Lawrence REVISED...

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