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GenderContinuum - gender continuum endpoints i Not...

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Christopher DiMaria Argument for the Gender Continuum I. Gender a. A social construct determining male/transsexual/female identity II. Continuum a. The whole of a series of values resulting in two endpoints and everything in-between. Ex. III. There are basic biological classifications that initially determine gender a. Chromosomes b. Sexual organs i. Penis=male ii. Vagina=female c. EXCEPTION: when both male and female bio-identities mix IV. These bio-classifications create social classifications a. Gender “coding” i. Blue blanket/pink blanket ii. Clothes iii. Cosmetics iv. Toys played with v. Assumed sexual preference 1. Hetero AND Homo a. Gender identity does not determine sexual preference b. ALTERNATIVES i. Native American Berdache 1. derived from French Bardache a. meaning “male prostitute” 2. called two spirits in their own community a. to avoid confusion with French categorization 3. women or men who assume opposite roles
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a. Is NOT drag: which is the exaggeration of the
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Unformatted text preview: gender continuum endpoints i. Not necessarily opposite endpoints 1. females do not have to be played by males or gays 2. males do not have to be played by females or lesbians a. emphasizes gender/sex separation c. Gender can be blurred anywhere between male and female i. Coding need not exist 1. once selfhood is established (i.e.-sexual desires, gender tendencies despite classification) 2. personhood DOES NOT determine selfhood ii. So can sexual preference 1. the heterosexual model DOES NOT comply *There are social constructs defining the endpoints of male/female gender which correlate with the biological endpoints (in AMERICAN SOCIETY; may not correlate in other cultures). Yet, there are an infinite number of possibilities between the male/female endpoints that create the continuum (defined as transsexuality)....
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GenderContinuum - gender continuum endpoints i Not...

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