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Lecture Lecture Notes Psychology as a Science As we begin our journey into the study of the mind or the psyche it is important to remember that psychology is a science. It is a young science, but a science nonetheless. Psychology qualifies as a science because it requires: 1. systematic empiricism-logical step by step observations of a given phenomenon 2. publicly verifiable knowledge- replicated studies that are peered reviewed 3. empirically solvable problems-we cannot seek out answers to unanswerable questions such as- "are humans inherently good or evil" we cannot ask this question because there is no clear-cut definitions of good or evil. We must be able to operationally define our terms operational definitions- specify how the behavior or situation is to be observed and measured Types of Psychological Research Psychological research attempts to describe behavior, explain its causes and predict the circumstances under which it might recur. Descriptive Research Descriptive methods allow a researcher to describe and predict behavior but not necessarily to choose one explanation over other, competing ones. Some of these methods are used primarily by clinicians to describe and understand the behavior of individuals. Others are used primarily by researchers to compare groups of people and arrive at generalizations about behavior. v Case Studies- or case history is a detailed description of a particular individual -they are especially useful in the investigation of a new topic -can be a rich resource for future research -they rely on people's memories which can be selective and/or inaccurate
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Lecture1Psych - Lecture Lecture Notes Psychology as a...

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