Essay #3 - Caitlin McCurdy English 111-21 Essay#3 Friday...

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Caitlin McCurdy English 111-21 Essay #3 Friday, December 8, 2006 Embodying Love in an Abhorrent Culture How is a Christian in our present world supposed to respond to the issue of homosexuality? In our society today, religious and secular alike, there are many conflicting outlooks on the question of concern and tolerance for homosexuality. As Christians living in a secular society, it is vital to recognize and determine where we stand and respond in relation to this crucial matter. The acceptance of homosexuality in our world as we know it today, along with the rejection of homosexuality in our Christian religion, has created a fierce controversy throughout our culture that has compelled us, as Christians, to firmly determine our opinion as well as our position concerning humanity that will in turn provide a Godly and biblical response to this roaring debate through the act of embodying the unconditional love of Christ to all individuals which Christ graciously illustrated by sacrificing His life on the cross that we might have a complete and fulfilling life through Him. Countless Christians at present are viewing homosexuality as a repulsive and unjustifiable act of sin, intolerable according to God. Homosexuality has become an absurd dispute among Christians and has resulted in giving Christianity a devastating reputation that falsely interprets the true nature of God and His people. Christians today are denigrating and even rejecting those who battle homosexuality. Who are we, as Christians, to judge those who struggle with sin? All sin is equivalent, and with this truth in mind, do not all humans struggle with sin? As children of God, we are not following His commands taught throughout scripture.
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I John 15:12 says, “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you”. We have put a
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Essay #3 - Caitlin McCurdy English 111-21 Essay#3 Friday...

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