Essay #2 - end to the immaturity and juvenile conduct we...

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November 2, 2006 Re: Respect in Chapel: only a pipe dream, Oct. 27, 2006 Dear Editor: In regard to the article of disrespect in ACU chapel, Dean Barnard’s request to the student body to uphold respect was relentlessly needed. It is an ongoing and unacceptable problem that needs to be accounted for and fixed. As a freshman at ACU, I was taken aback by the arrogance and inappropriate behavior being displayed by the student body in chapel. It is shameful to see your Christian institution, a representation of Christ along with my beliefs, as the absence of integrity it has become. The frivolity of students representing the university stems from a lack of dignity and morale. We have become arrogant as a Christian institution, detrimental as a Christian body. When will Christians take a stand to act upon their beliefs? The continuous disruption, demonstrated throughout chapel, is not only self-absorbed, but a hindrance to those seeking a true worship experience as well. We, as Christians, need to put an
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Unformatted text preview: end to the immaturity and juvenile conduct we are now tolerating as acceptable. We can’t compel others to conform to our Christian beliefs, but we can be an influence in their lives. We are ambassadors of Christ, called to reach out and impact those who are not. This is God’s calling for our lives, are we fulfilling it? It is our responsibility, as children of God, to minister by example to those who are not as spiritually in depth as we are. Until we put aside our apprehension and develop into the people God has summoned us to be, Abilene Christian University will remain the victim of disregard toward lack of propriety conventionally displayed. So, with this call to action put forth, I entreat you to take a stand to overcome this obstacle of ignorance so that we may immerse ourselves in places where Christ is unseen, even if this means beginning with ourselves in a place where solemnity in worship should be most sanctified: our own daily chapel. Caitlin McCurdy (469) 222-1718...
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Essay #2 - end to the immaturity and juvenile conduct we...

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