MANAGEMENT Summary Report

MANAGEMENT Summary Report - discussions and organizing the...

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Team Mitsubishi: MANAGEMENT The Management group of Team Mitsubishi was responsible for taking on the task of directing and organizing team meetings, overseeing the operations throughout the company, and assuring success through effective teamwork. Some specific actions that took place in the Management group were as follows: preparing a directory of team member’s phone numbers and email addresses, preparing a loan review proposal, preparing the final report, motivating other team member’s to do their best, and shoot creative photos of the team. The Management group was held accountable for all procedures and actions that occurred within the company. It was the Management group’s role to supervise the company and in turn generate accomplishment from other team members. The Management group is a vital element to the company, Team Mitsubishi. Its overall assistance to the company, as well to the team members, advanced the operations that took place throughout the business in a more efficient manner. The management group was reliable in leading
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Unformatted text preview: discussions and organizing the team meetings. It aided the team to perform their most effective work by regularly holding its members accountable. It assured that all team members had an understanding of their responsibilities that would in turn maximize the companys productivity. The Management group sought out to maintain agreement throughout Team Mitsubishi and strived to enhance the companys progress. The Management group was made aware of its setbacks and noted improvements that need to be changed for the benefit of the company. During the Management experience, it would have been helpful to schedule more team meetings, along with putting a greater emphasis on challenging the team to work in a more efficient manner. Team Mitsubishis Management team would recommend for future Management groups to supervise and oversee all company procedures for a more effective business. Being aware of the actions taking place will benefit the company for future success....
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MANAGEMENT Summary Report - discussions and organizing the...

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