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Essay #1 - Caitlin McCurdy English 111-21 Essay#1 Tuesday...

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Caitlin McCurdy English 111-21 Essay #1 Tuesday, October 3, 2006 U.S. Involvement in an Inhumane Society
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To what extent is the United States Government willing to step up and take action? The brutal war taking place in Uganda is a devastating scene that needs to come to an end. These innocent children, brainwashed to live a vicious and gruesome life, are apart of the tragedy that is the Lord’s Resistance Army. They have been responsible for taking the lives of thousands of individuals. Where is the US Government taking action? We have sat back while this LRA brutally torture, mutilate, and kill the innocent. This horrific war has gotten way out of hand and will continue to do so until we seek out peace in this Ugandan War. The United States government should intervene in the Ugandan War to establish peace throughout the war, but, until we step up, innocent lives will continue to be lost and taken day after day. The article, Deliver us from Kony, from the Christian Today magazine gives disturbing details of the Lord’s Resistance Army. The LRA is one of the largest terrorist organizations and nearly ninety percent of its military are innocent children, enslaved and kidnapped from their families. The founder and leader of this devastating army is Joseph Kony. Kony’s methods and beliefs for the LRA are a satanic and warped view of Christianity, Islam, and African Witchcraft. He has no clear objection for his belief to develop negotiations of peace.
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