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Unformatted text preview: Final Exam Study Sheet: Chapters 17 and 18 plus material from previous tests Mgmt 120 / Fall 2006 / Lynn _________________________________________________________________________________________________ This review and the PowerPoint slides are available on Blackboard. Bring a scantron for the multiple-choice; I will provide paper for the short-answer. Everything from the book and class is game but be sure to know the following: Multiple-Choice (75 points from the book): Book: Chapters 17 and 18 • Financial managers • Controller • Risk • Functions of money • M1 and M2 accounts • Treasury bills, commercial paper, CDs • Short/Long-term sources of funds • US financial system • Bank regulation • Underwriting • US Federal Reserve System • Initial public offering (IPO) • Primary and secondary market transactions • Money market instruments • Types of bonds • Investment motivations: Growth in capital, stability of principle, liquidity, current income, growth in income...
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