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Extra Credit-memo - continue the club throughout my college...

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Date: October 18, 2006 To: Dr. Monty Lynn From: Caitlin McCurdy Subject: Career Search a) I am most interested in the Advertisement and Marketing business. I enjoy using my creative skills to advance those around me. The demand to keep up with society and continually appeal to humanity seems exciting. I am fascinated by the different approaches company’s use to lure people’s interest. I take pleasure in merging ideas together to bring a beneficial outcome to the company and to others. b) To prepare for this career, I am currently studying Business Management and Marketing. I regularly observe and take note of the advertisements we are bombarded with everyday. I have joined the ACU Marketing Club and plan to
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Unformatted text preview: continue the club throughout my college career. Most importantly, I am striving to advance my business skills in the future by examining the business world today. c) The additional actions I need to take for this career are schooling, observing, and an internship. Schooling is a necessary tool that will prepare me for the business world today. Observing my business career is essential and will help advance many opportunities. An internship is the most vital key to a career. The example and following of a successor is the best preparation for the business world....
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