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Charlotte West FA310: Digital Photography II 6 February 2008 Comparison Paper #1 Two photographers I found interesting from this section of the class were Gabriel Orozco and Cindy Sherman. What I found to be most interesting was the insertion of humor into their work, which helped to lighten up class on occasion. Cindy Sherman’s career and history is interesting when compared to Orozco. Sherman was born roughly ten years before Orozco in 1954, so she was aware of the political movement in the late 1960s and early 1970s that took place in the US. In fact, she would have been brought up in that culture, being between ages 14 and 18 during this period. This was during the Sexual Revolution and Feminist Movements and even though Sherman denies any feminist intentions in her work, it is very likely that there are feminist undertones as a result of those movements. Gabriel Orozco was born in 1962 in Mexico, but travels very often, especially between New York, Mexico City, and Paris (three cultural magnets throughout the
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Unformatted text preview: world). Orozco’s travels show him as a very active person, as traveling takes a lot of energy and moving. This may be why he has a deep desire for viewers of his work to participate and interact with his work. He does more than just photography, he makes sculpture and installations, many of which people can interact with. Sherman doesn’t make sculptures and Orozco isn’t an American woman, but they both have humor aspects in their work. The best example for Sherman is possibly her bulimia series. The bright colors and delicious food makes a humorous contrast to the thought of it being regurgitated and vomited back up. Orozco’s cat in a forest is a creative and humorous way of photographic found objects. Creating the cat food can as an actual cat is whimsical and fun for the viewers. Humor is what best connects these two photographers to one another. I think they’d get along swimmingly. Additional information outside of readings found at
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ComparisonPaper1_FA310 - world Orozco’s travels show him...

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