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Jesus Essay - embodies all things perfect He is completely...

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Caitlin McCurdy November 16, 2006 Jesus Jesus is portrayed as very attractive being throughout the Gospels. His most attractive attribute to me personally is His unconditional love and grace for all people, Christians and non- Christians alike. We portray the Jesus we know as His love covers over all sin and endures all sin. His passion and grace for the lost is just one example represented throughout the Gospels. As Jesus is revealed in countless ways throughout Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, it is difficult to comprehend and understand a clear view on who Jesus really is. He displays and
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Unformatted text preview: embodies all things perfect. He is completely flawless in all His ways and is a true example of the ideal being to the community of believers. As incomplete humans examining the paramount of completeness, we are constantly in question of who the true Jesus is. He is all, and we can’t comprehend that immensity. In the education of the life of teachings of Jesus, Jesus’ personification alone needs to have greater emphasis in the church. We often ignore His true being and who He really is, while focusing on the children’s stories of little depth....
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